Report 2: Sculpture from Sardis: The Finds through 1975 (1978)

by George M. A. Hanfmann

Chapter 4. The Sculpture of the Prehistoric, Lydian, and Persian Periods. Catalog.


Cat. 1: Lower Body and Feet of a Prehistoric Idol

Cat. 2: Bird’s Head

Lydian and Persian

Human Figures

Cat. 3: Small, Crowned Female Head

Cat. 4: Lower Part of Archaic Kore, “North Kore”

Cat. 5: Lower Part of Small Archaic Kore

Cat. 6: Fragment of a Goddess Holding a Snake (?) Standing in Columnar Shrine, “South Kore”

Cat. 7: Marble Naiskos of Cybele

Cat. 8: “Mantle Wearer” (Kore?)

Cat. 9: Relief of Frontal Standing Draped Female Figure

Cat. 10: Kore Torso

Cat. 11: Upper Part of Under-Lifesize Female Torso

Cat. 12: Amazon or Artemis Upper Torso

Cat. 13: Shoulder of Colossal Draped Figure

Cat. 14: Fragment of Archaic Kouros Head

Cat. 15: Back of a Male Head

Cat. 16: Two-Sided Relief Fragment with Folds or Feathers

Cat. 17: Inscribed Stele with Seated Man (Atrastas, son of Sakardas)

Cat. 18: Part of a Pediment

Cat. 19: Stele with Veiled Frontal Female

Cat. 20: Stele with Artemis, Cybele, and Two Worshippers

Cat. 21: Relief of Cybele Seated with Lion in Her Lap and at Her Feet

Animals and Monsters

Cat. 22: Fragment of Archaic Relief with Part of Running Animal

Cat. 23: Double-Sided Relief with Archaic Lion Sejant

Cat. 24: Head and Neck of Lion Sejant

Cat. 25A: Two Pairs of Addorsed Lions Sejant

Cat. 25B: One of Two Pairs of Addorsed Lions Sejant

Cat. 26: Lion Couchant

Cat. 27: Rear Half of a Recumbent Lion on Plinth, NW Corner of Altar

Cat. 28: Recumbent Lion on Plinth, South-East Corner of Altar

Cat. 29: Recumbent Lion on Plinth, South-West Corner of Altar

Cat. 30: Hindquarters of Small Archaic Recumbent Lion

Cat. 31: Large Recumbent Lion

Cat. 32: Fragment of Colossal Lion’s Foot

Cat. 33: Lion’s Right Foot on Plinth

Cat. 34: Lioness

Cat. 35: Marble Sculpture of a Recumbent Lion

Cat. 36: Acroterion (?), Small Recumbent Lion from Corner of Archaic Sarcophagus Lid

Cat. 37: Lion’s Paw

Cat. 38: Marble Sculpture of a Walking Lion

Cat. 39: Part of Frame with Walking Lion

Cat. 40: Lower Part of Archaic Siren

Cat. 41: Marble Sculpture of a Headless Recumbent Sphinx

Cat. 42: Sphinx, Probably from a Throne

Cat. 43: Relief Fragment of Frog and Support

Cat. 44: Relief Fragment with Rearing Animal


Cat. 46: Fragment of Anthemion

Cat. 47: Chamber Tomb Stele

Cat. 48: Fragment of Anthemion

Cat. 49: Anthemion Stele Fragment with Lydian Inscription

Architectural Reliefs

Cat. 50: Decorated Marble Slab

Cat. 51: Fragment of Sima Frieze?

Cat. 52: Fragment with Lotus and Volute Palmette