Report 2: Sculpture from Sardis: The Finds through 1975 (1978)

by George M. A. Hanfmann, Nancy H. Ramage

Chapter 8. Supplementary Evidence for Sculpture from Sardis: Sculpture from Other Sites in Lydia

Sculpture from Other Sites in Lydia

Of the following pieces, 261 through 268 were collected by the Sardis Expedition on exploratory trips or brought to the expedition camp by local residents. They were acquired on behalf of the Archaeological Museum in Manisa. We also include three pieces (269-271) for which a Sardian origin has been alleged but seems unlikely.

Cat. 261: Small Recumbent Lion

Cat. 262: Funerary Stele

Cat. 264: Stele with Orans

Cat. 265: Relief with Two Soldiers and Dedication

Cat. 266: Unfinished Herakles

Cat. 267: Head of Dionysus

Cat. 268: Draped Female Torso

The following three pieces from other sites in Lydia have in the past been mistakenly attributed to Sardis.

Cat. 269: The “Borgia Stele”

Cat. 270: Honorary Stele with Horseman

Cat. 271: Hermes-like Statuette Dedicated to Hosion Kai Dikaion