Report 2: Sculpture from Sardis: The Finds through 1975 (1978)

by George M. A. Hanfmann

Chapter 9. Supplementary Evidence for Sculpture from Sardis. Inscriptions from Lost Statues

Inscriptions from Lost Statues

The following pieces represent only a selection of the most interesting among the inscribed bases. For some uninscribed Lydian bases cf. Sardis Rl (1975) 68-82. For other inscribed bases of the Greek and Roman periods, Sardis VII (1932) passim; BASOR 177, 25, fig. 23; and an inscribed athlete statue base, IN74.7 (TurkArkDerg 23:1 [1976] 58). See also the discussions on the display of statuary, supra Chs. III and V. The comprehensive publication of the inscribed bases will be made by L. Robert in a forthcoming volume in this series on Greek and Latin inscriptions and by J. H. Kroll on the inscriptions of the Synagogue.

Cat. 272: Marble Block with Inscription in Unknown Language

Cat. 273: Dedication of an Image of Zeus Baradates

Cat. 275: Base for statue of Hera, set up by Socrates Pardalas and restored by Julia Lydia

Cat. 276: Base for Statue of Lucius Verus

Cat. 277: Base for Images of the Children of Kore

Cat. 278: Base for Fountain with Gilded Bronze Serpents

Cat. 274: Bilingual dedication of Nannas Bakivalis to Artemis