Website update: new publications, e-publications, and database of artifacts.

July 30, 2020

We have updated the web site with new publications, essays, and artifacts. F.K. Yegül’s Temple of Artemis at Sardis (2020, now being printed in Istanbul and soon available from Harvard University Press) is available as a two-volume PDF. A new series of e-publications includes a series of articles on the conservation program at Sardis, and print-to-epub versions of our Reports and Monographs, including G.M.A. Hanfmann and N. Ramage’s Sculpture from Sardis (1978); Georg Petzl’s Greek and Latin Inscriptions found since 1958 (2019); F.K. Yegül’s Temple of Artemis (2020); with further books coming. These have links to the expanded database of artifacts found at Sardis, additional and improved photographs and drawings, and other updates. We have also updated our essays about Sardis with a new introduction to the use of drones at the site, and a day in the life of two Sardis excavators.