Website update: 7,915 coins published in Jane DeRose Evans, Coins from the Excavations at Sardis, added to database.

March 13, 2020

Coins found since 1973, published by Prof. Jane DeRose Evans in her Monograph 13, Coins from the Excavations at Sardis, are now available in the searchable database, and also as XML data download. Please note that currently searching by locus and expedition CATNUM don't work; we are working on this problem. Meanwhile to search for specific loci, you can search first for the trench or sector, and then when you have a list of objects from that trench or sector, search within that for specific loci. To search for an object by its Sardis CATNUM, you can use the full-text search. Be sure to use leading zeroes (four zeroes for coins, three zeroes for other objects), for instance coin 2008.0020, rather than 2008.20, or S61.018 rather than S61.18.

Links to PDF and XML downloads, and to the catalog