Chapter 9. Supplementary Evidence for Sculpture from Sardis. Inscriptions from Lost Statues

Inscriptions from Lost Statues

The following pieces represent only a selection of the most interesting among the inscribed bases. For some uninscribed Lydian bases cf. Sardis Rl (1975) 68-82. For other inscribed bases of the Greek and Roman periods, Sardis VII (1932) passim; BASOR 177, 25, fig. 23; and an inscribed athlete statue base, IN74.7 (TurkArkDerg 23:1 [1976] 58). See also the discussions on the display of statuary, supra Chs. III and V. The comprehensive publication of the inscribed bases will be made by L. Robert in a forthcoming volume in this series on Greek and Latin inscriptions and by J. H. Kroll on the inscriptions of the Synagogue.

Cat. 272: Marble Block with Inscription in Unknown Language

Cat. 273: Dedication of an Image of Zeus Baradates

Cat. 275: Base for statue of Hera, set up by Socrates Pardalas and restored by Julia Lydia

Cat. 276: Base for Statue of Lucius Verus

Cat. 277: Base for Images of the Children of Kore

Cat. 278: Base for Fountain with Gilded Bronze Serpents

Cat. 274: Bilingual dedication of Nannas Bakivalis to Artemis