Report 8: Ordinary Lydians at Home: The Lydian Trenches of the House of Bronzes and Pactolus Cliff at Sardis (2021)

by Sardis Expedition

Illustration Credits

Object Drawings

The following draftspersons created the object drawings and profiles appearing throughout these two volumes: Catherine S. Alexander (1987–present), Güven Bakır (1959–1960), Sallie Carlisle (1969–1971), Emel Erten (1979–1981), Elaine Gazda (1968–1975), Kathryn L. Gleason (1980–1983), Charlotte Greenewalt (1961–1962), Rosemary Jones (1972–1975), Nancy H. Ramage (1964–1975, 1986), Elizabeth Wahle (1974–1986), and Fikret K. Yegül (1963).

Many object drawings in the plates employ a digital shading technique developed by Rana Irmak Aksoy to depict the colors and finishes of the pottery. The process of creating this technique was, like all Sardis endeavors, a team effort, with guidance from Catherine S. Alexander, the authors, and Nick Cahill. The technique was devised in a way that would allow for easy repetitive digital application that still retained the handmade feeling of the pottery and the inkings. Rana worked with the scans of Cathy’s inkings, filling the outlines with two texture templates developed from scanned watercolors: one streaky, to represent streaky glaze, and one textured differently, to represent all other colors, from light orange to red to brown. The convention for both added white paint and unpainted areas/reserve is to have those sections of the drawings remain blank, but when a pot contains both unpainted areas and added white, the latter is distinguished digitally by a pale gray. If a sherd or pot is simply Black on Red with no other color or reserve, the red was not digitally shaded. There are a few exceptions among the shaded drawings, where Cathy added some dilute ink to the inking rather than digital texture being applied.


Images by the following Sardis photographers appear in these two volumes: Donna Alberico (1999), Polly Bart (1964), Valerie Belmont (2005), Jonathan Boorstin (1965), Nicholas D. Cahill, Sara Champlin (2014–2016), Cédriane de Boucaud (1989–1991), Elizabeth Gombosi (1968–1977), Crawford H. Greenewalt, jr., Jivan Güner (2019–2020), Karen Heredia (2011), Martha Hoppin (1970), Helen Human (2008), Ellie Jordan (2017), Susan Lezon (1981), Raymond Liddell (1968), Peter B. Machinist (1964), James R. McCredie (1959), Ron Morris (1989), Stephen E. Myers (1966), Douglas Nickel (1984), Eliza Proctor (1996), Jessica Salley (2012), Stephen W. Shipps (1979–1988), Bonnie T. Solomon (1961), Richard Taylor (2010, 2013), Michael W. Totten (1962–1963), Robert H. Wallon, Jr. (1960), Julian and Eunice Whittlesey, and Vincent Wickwar (1961–1963).

Architectural Drawings, Plans, and Maps

Brianna Bricker compiled, digitized and, with the help of the Ramages, edited the site plans appearing in these volumes, which were drawn by Jülide Aker, Daniel Belknap, Constance J. Bell, Mehmet C. Bolgil, Thomas H. Canfield, Stuart L. Carter, Anthony B. Casendino, Frederick B. Hammann, Thomas N. Howe, A. H. Hyatt, Ralph K. Iler, Stephen W. Jacobs, Robert A. Mayers, Richard Penner, Brian Percival, Jeremy R. Richmond, Charles F. Rogers, Leon Satkowski, Andrew R. Seager, and Robert Lindley Vann. The maps were prepared by LauraLee Brott, and the urban plan by Nicholas D. Cahill and Philip T. Stinson.