Report 2: Sculpture from Sardis: The Finds through 1975 (1978)

by George M. A. Hanfmann, Nancy H. Ramage

Chapter 7. Supplementary Evidence for Sculpture from Sardis: Sculpture from Sardis in European, Turkish, and American Collections

Sculpture from Sardis in European, Turkish, and American Collections

See catalog nos. 229-260:

Cat. 229: Small Head of a Woman?

Cat. 230: Frieze with Grazing Deer

Cat. 231: Frieze of Horsemen

Cat. 232: Relief with Head of Bearded Man

Cat. 233: Stele with Praying Woman

Cat. 234: Funerary Stele of Atrastas, son of Timles

Cat. 234bis: Relief with Funerary Meal

Cat. 235: Lion Sejant From Nannas Monument

Cat. 236: Recumbent Lion From Nannas Monument

Cat. 237: Lion Spout Attached to Rectangular Member

Cat. 238: Bird of Prey (Eagle?) Holding a Hare, from the Nannas monument

Cat. 239: Sphinx, presumably part of a throne or seat

Cat. 240: Part of Sepulchral Stele with Palmette

Cat. 241: Anthemion with Lydian-Aramaic Bilingual Inscription, Stele of Manes, Son of Kumlis

Cat. 242: Stele of Alikres, Son of Karos

Cat. 243: Sarcophagus of Claudia Antonia Sabina

Cat. 244: Sarcophagus Fragment

Cat. 245: Stele of Menophila

Cat. 246: Statue of Moschine, Priestess of Artemis

Cat. 247: Winged Eros

Cat. 248: Triple Head of Hekate

Cat. 249: Double-Sided Herm with Kouros Figure on One Side and Herm on the Other

Cat. 250: Head of Augustus

Cat. 251: Head of the Elder Faustina

Cat. 252: Colossal Female Head, Artemis?

Cat. 253: Horseman Riding toward Altar

Cat. 254: Head of a Woman

Cat. 255: Bust of Elpidike

Cat. 256: Enthroned Mother of the Gods (Cybele)

Cat. 257: Lion-Headed Table Leg

Cat. 258: Head of a Horse

Cat. 259: Seated Cybele

Cat. 260: Lid of Sarcophagus of "Pamphylian" Type